Parent Compact

School/Family Partnership Compact for Students,
Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

As a student I will be responsible for:
  •  Being at school on time and ready to learn each day
  •  Respecting the rights of others to learn
  •  Completing my school work to the best of my ability
  •  Reading or asking someone to read to me at home
  •  Respecting adults and following directions the first time
  •  Learning how to make choices that do not cause a problem for myself or others
  •  Treating others as I expect to be treated

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As a parent, I will be responsible for:
  •  Seeing that my child attends school regularly and on time
  •  Providing environment that supports learning at home
  •  Attending school activities that support my student and learning
  •  Holding my child accountable for completing their assignments and working to the best of their ability
  •  Modeling a positive attitude toward learning at school and at home
  •  Attend parent conferences
  •  Attend meetings designed to increase my child’s academic achievement
  •  Work collaboratively with the campus to support my child in learning how to deal with and solve problems

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As a teacher, I will be responsible for:
  •  Helping each student reach their fullest potential
  •  Organizing a classroom that promotes positive student behavior and a respectful culture
  •  Design and plan lessons with activities that require cooperative learning, enhance student understanding of the TEKS, and develop critical thinking skills
  •  Maintaining communication with parents on a regular basis
  •  Participating in professional development activities that improve my instructional effectiveness
  •  Model a love for learning
  •  Providing opportunities for students to learn problem-solving skills
  •  Creating a learning environment that encourages students to become lifelong learners

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As an administrator, I will be responsible for:
  •  Being available to parents, teachers, and students
  •  Holding students accountable for completing their assignments and working to the best of their ability
  •  Holding teachers accountable for lesson designing/planning, the classroom learning environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities
  •  Maintaining communication with parents, teachers, and students
  •  Providing a safe environment conducive to learning
  •  Providing a discipline management system that supports learning without distractions or disruptions
  •  Providing ongoing professional development for teachers and myself

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