Parent Involvement Policy

Statement of Purpose

Bel Air Elementary School is committed to the goal of providing a quality education for every child that enrolls on the campus. We would like to work collaboratively with parents in the community. Parents plan an extremely important role as their child’s first teachers. Everyone gains if the school and parents work together to promote high achievement for ALL children. BAE recognizes that neither the home nor the school can do the job alone, and for us to accomplish our mission of providing ALL students a quality education, parents must first be treated as stakeholders and actively be involved in their child’s education.

The goal of parent involvement is to provide opportunities, training and information for parents that will help them assume a more meaningful role in improving student achievement and increase their effectiveness when participating in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of school programs, i.e. Title I programs. “Effective parental involvement is built on mutual trust, respect, communication and commitment between the parents, the school and the community. The partners are equal, working together to set goals, find solutions and carry out and evaluate these solutions.” – Rutherford, 1987

Title I and the Law
The purpose of Title I is to improve the basic programs of BAE, and to provide opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the state content standards (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness – STAAR). The most recent law that affects Title I is the No Child Left Behind Act (Public Law 107-110). The law requires:
  • That school districts have a written policy regarding parental involvement;
  • That parents be involved in the design, operation and evaluation Title I;
  • That parents be consulted about home/school activities and be trained to help their children;
  • That whenever possible, activities should be presented in the language spoken by the majority of the Title I parents.
Districts receiving Title I, Part A funds must implement programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement parents in the Title I program. A written parent involvement policy must be developed and agreed upon jointly with parents and distributed to parents.; Parental Involvement is a requirement as one of the ten components of a Schoolwide Title I program.

Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy
The Sited Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM) composed of teachers, parents, and other interested parties will meet to discuss the design and implementation of the Parent Involvement Policy. In an effort to solicit additional parent input, efforts will be made through newsletter, flyers, and at the Fall Parent Meeting to recruit parents to this meeting.

In addition to the development of this Parent Involvement Policy, the community will be consulted in the design, development and implementation of the Title I program. Parents and students needs will assessed through questionnaires and parental suggestions as well as a variety of other measures targeted at creating a successful school environment. Workshops and programs will be tailored to meet the unique student and parental needs of the community. Parents will be informed of involvement activities through the campus and district websites, newsletters, flyers, and automated phone system.

Programs and the School Community
BAE will support many varied ways of parental involvement as it strives to develop and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students. Parents may contribute through volunteer programs at school as well as creating a supportive home atmosphere. The community may also participate through an array of activities that promote student success.
  • Parent Organizations: PTO
  • Volunteer/Mentor Programs: Lunch Buddies (contact Cheri Mahan), reading to a class or working with a student, helping teachers in their classrooms with special projects,
  • Other Activities: Meet the Teacher Night, Open House, Parent Nights, Music programs, Field Trips, Family Fun Nights, PK/HS Parent Information Meetings
The district also highly encourages parents to volunteer to serve on district and campus committees. Efforts are made that committee selections represent the diversity of the community and the different student sub-groups served by the district.
Parent input is also solicited through a variety of parent surveys in order to evaluate current programs and to have input in the future of the school. Surveys are done in both English and Spanish, and parents are highly encouraged to take the time to go to the school website and complete the survey online.

In addition, each campus will develop their own parent involvement activities best suited to meet their individual needs in order for them to promote students success.

Annual Meetings
BAE will hold two meetings for parents during each school year. The first meeting will be held in October and the second meeting will be held during Texas Public Schools Week in March. Parents will be informed of Title I guidelines, curriculum, school safety and health awareness issues. Parents will be encouraged to become involved in the revising and updating the policy as necessary. In addition, volunteers will be recruited for the district and campus site-based committees. These meetings will be held at a convenient time and location. Language translation will be provided, as needed, to ensure parent participation and attendance. Newsletters, flyers, website, and phone calls will be used to attract as many parents as possible.

School-Parent Compacts
In accordance with Title I regulations, BAE must develop a parent-student compact with the parents of students participating in the program. This compact will enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student performance and success.

The compact must explain how students, parents, and staff will share responsibilities for promoting student achievement. Members of the Parent Involvement Team will be consulted in the design and implementation of the compacts.

Parents with students on Title I campuses will be given the compact detailing the responsibilities that teachers, parents and students have in helping students accomplish their goals.

School-Parent Communication
BAE recognized that an important way to foster parental involvement is through various avenues of communication throughout the school year. Newsletters, conferences, personal contacts, phone calls, monthly calendar, district and school webpages, individual teacher webpages, and written notices will be utilized to establish and maintain an open line of communication.

Staff members are encouraged to keep in close contact with parents not only in situation where there is an academic or behavior concern, but also when good things are going on in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school and/or their child’s teachers if they have any questions or concerns about the instructional program. Usually student or parent complaints or concerns can be addressed – simply by a phone call or a conference with the teacher

The parent Involvement Team will annually review and evaluate all aspects of the parent involvement program. Parents will be questioned about the effectiveness of the program and offer suggestions for improvement. Parent surveys will be one method of obtaining this input. The district and campuses will revise its Parent Involvement Policy based on the results of this annual review.

Funding can be provided as needed based on Parent Involvement Team meetings and suggestions.

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