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Title I School-wide Parent Involvement Policy

Bel Air Elementary



School-Parent-Student Partnership: The most effective learning takes place when schools, parents, and students work together.


The purpose of AISD is to graduate every student on time, college and work ready.


What is Title I?

Title I is the largest federal aid program for elementary, middle, and high schools. Through Title I, money is given to school districts around the country based on the number of low-income families in each district. Each district uses its Title I money for extra educational services for children most in need of educational help. The focus of the Title I program is on helping all students meet the same high standards expected of all children.

Title I serves children through School-wide Programs

Schools with 50% or more children from low-income families can develop school-wide programs to serve all students. School-wide programs can combine Title I funds with federal, state, and local funds to improve school programs.

The purpose of Bel Air’s School-wide Parent Involvement Policy

Bel Air Elementary believes every child should have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. Therefore, Bel Air Elementary will maximize its resources to enable each child to become a successful learner. Key resources include administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and community members. We will work together to establish effective partnerships. School and home must also work together to help ensure our students will achieve and succeed. We are committed to ongoing, two-way, meaningful communication to help facilitate mutual understanding and to stimulate student success. Grade level goals for the students of Bel Air Elementary will be distributed to all parents in the district, with the expectations that all students will work toward these goals. Students who need extra assistance will have access to the Title I program, as well as other programs, to help reach these goals. Bel Air Elementary will make every effort to include parents in the development, evaluation, and revision of school programs and the Parent Involvement Policy. The school-parent compact will describe the responsibilities of key stakeholders. The goal of our parent involvement program is student success.

Developing the policy

Bel Air Elementary will:

 Involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of the school's parental involvement policy, in an organized, ongoing, and timely way. Parents and campus personnel will meet to develop the campus Parental Involvement Policy.

Provide support and training to teachers, support staff, and the counselor to promote parent involvement activities through professional development and staff meetings.

Hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the school’s participation in Title I, Part A programs and to explain the requirements and rights of parents involved. The school will invite all parents of children in Title I, Part A programs to attend and will publicize meetings dates and times through the use of flyers, social media, and/or School Messenger phone alerts.

 Provide to parents of participating children information in a timely manner about Title I, Part A programs that includes a description and explanation of the school's curriculum, the forms of academic assessment used to measure children's progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet. During scheduled parent conferences in the fall, report card rubrics and SSI will be explained; ongoing reporting of student progress will be made through regular progress reports, report cards, and parent phone calls and conferences. Students in grades K-5 are taught using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in all subject areas, implementing research-based instructional strategies in math, science, writing, and reading, while providing additional student support in math and reading (including dyslexia). Social studies are taught in units and themes are integrated into the language arts classes. Students in Pre-K are taught using the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

 At the request of parents, provide opportunities for regular meetings for parents to formulate suggestions, and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions about the education of their children. The school will respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible.

 Provide to each parent an individual student report about the performance of their child on the state assessment in math and reading (3rd, 4th, 5th grades), writing (4th grade) and science (5th grade).

 Provide each parent timely notice when their child has been assigned or has been taught for four (4) or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified within the meaning of the term in section 200.56 of the Title I Final Regulations (67 Fed. Reg. 71710, December 2, 2002).

Provide opportunities, materials, and/or training, to help parents develop skills to use at home to work with their children to improve their children’s academic efforts and social development. Some of these opportunities may include: Family Nights, Book Fairs, awards assemblies, tutoring, Field Day, UIL competition, cultural diversity awareness programs, fine arts programs, homework/conduct communication folders, and Fall Parent Night. All parents are encouraged to become active in the campus Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).

 Take the following actions to ensure that information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to parents of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon request, and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand: School Messenger, marquee, classroom newsletters, campus website, and social media.



Involving parents in the school-wide plan

1. Advisory Committee/Site-Based Decision Making Team: Bel Air Elementary conducts site-based decision making meetings at least two times a year. The advisory committee consists of parents, community members, business members, teachers, staff, and administrators to develop and revise the Parent Involvement Policy. The parent volunteers will represent the diversity of the student population, and one or more parents on the advisory committee will have children participating in a Title I program. The advisory committee will convene at a time and place convenient to all its members. Additionally, Bel Air Elementary understands that the parental involvement policy is a part of the larger district and campus improvement plans. The advisory committee will also be invited to provide input regarding the development and revision of the district improvement plan.

2. Review of the Campus Improvement Plan: The Bel Air Elementary Campus Improvement Plan, which clearly defines our efforts to improve our educational program, is available upon written request. Or, if parents wish, they may contact the principal for a time to come to the school to review a copy of the plan. We encourage parent suggestions and request that suggestions are in written form.

3. Bel Air Elementary staff members will host a meeting in the fall to discuss the school's participation as a Title I, Part A School-wide Program. Translators will be available, as needed, and the school will accommodate the needs of disabled parents, as well. We will address the following topics:

-An explanation of the curriculum in use and local assessments, including the levels of proficiency students are expected to meet (Prek Guidelines, K-5 TEKS)

-An explanation of the Title I services offered at Bel Air Elementary

-A review of the Parent Involvement Policy and the school-parent compact

-Opportunities for Parent Involvement

-Opportunity to address questions or concerns


Parents as partners in education

Bel Air Elementary values the partnership of parents in their children's education. There are many ways parents can make significant contributions to student success both at home and by volunteering and being active at the school. Student achievement is the result of effective home-school-community partnerships. Parental involvement strategies will be coordinated to assist the transition from pre-school (district and public) to elementary school. Annually, Bel Air Elementary will assess the needs of the parents and children in the community using a variety of tools including a survey or questionnaire. The findings will be used to revise the Title I program to meet the current needs. Workshops or other training will be made available to educators and parents to address these needs. Parents will be notified about training opportunities.

Required annual meeting

Bel Air Elementary will hold a meeting during the first six weeks of the new school year for all parents. At that meeting, the Title I program will be described, the Parental Involvement Policy will be distributed and reviewed, and opportunities for parental participation will be explained. Parent volunteers will be recruited to serve on the district or campus Advisory Committee.

The annual meeting will be held for the convenience of parents and translators will be present. Parents will be informed about the meeting by various media modalities and notes home.

Since the goal of Bel Air Elementary is student success, the expectations for school performance, individual student assessments, and grade level curriculum will be provided in a format parents can understand.

Parents will be advised that the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement Program will be evaluated annually and the policy will be revised to meet the needs of the students, school, parents, and community.

School-Parent Compact

Bel Air Elementary will consult with the advisory committee/site-based decision making team to annually develop, review, and revise the school-parent compact. The compact will identify the responsibilities of the staff to provide high-level curriculum and instruction, and the expectations of the parents to provide support in their children's learning. The compact will address the best ways to maintain positive, timely communication between school and home. The compacts will be available to all parents and families in the student handbook, on the school website, and it may be discussed at parent-teacher conferences in the elementary school.

Student Responsibilities: I will

  • Be at school on time and ready to learn each day.
  • Complete school work each day to the best of my ability.
  • Respect the rights of others to learn.
  • Make choices that do not cause a problem for myself or others.
  • Use actions and words that show others I care about them.
  • Be responsible for giving my family members all information sent home from school.
  • Read or ask someone to read to me at home for 20 minutes each day.

Parents/Guardians Responsibilities: I/We will

  • Establish routines to support my child’s success in school:
  • appropriate and consistent bed time
  • monitor attendance
  • homework & reading
  • ünutrition
  • grooming and hygiene
  • Ensure that my child attends school on a regular basis and arrives at school on time.
  • Communicate to my child the significance of success in school and its relationship to success in life.
  • Make sure that my child’s homework is complete and returned on time.
  • Stay informed about my child’s education and communicate with the school by promptly reading all notices from the school or the school district and responding as appropriate.
  • Attend parent conferences and school activities designed to increase my child’s academic achievement.


Administrators, Teachers, and Staff Responsibilities: The BAE Staff will

  • Monitor and maintain a safe environment conducive to learning.
  • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that supports children in meeting academic achievement standards.
  • Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s academic and behavioral progress through progress reports, parent/teacher conferences, samples of student work, and assessments.
  • Set high expectations for staff, students, and parents by ensuring challenging curriculum, implementing programs targeted at increasing student achievement, committing to recruit, retain, and train qualified staff, and highlighting ways parents can advance the learning at home.
  • Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s academic success.



Bel Air Elementary will work with its Title I Advisory Committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement Program. Surveys, classroom observation, assessment data, and other resources will be used to determine the needs and develop revised strategies for student success. Revisions to the Title I Program and the Parental Involvement Policy will be developed and agreed upon with parent input and will be communicated to the parents in the district or school.


Bel Air Elementary is committed to the success of all students. We will work together with parents to monitor the effectiveness of our Parental Involvement and Title I Programs and to provide excellence in education. This policy will be promoted by the administrators, principals, and other school staff as we seek active participation by our parents.


The Bel Air Elementary Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by the Spring Title I Parent Involvement Meeting sign-in sheet and agenda. This policy was accepted on May 09, 2019 and will be in effect for the 2019-2020 school year. This policy is available for viewing by parents on the campus webpage.

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